Spiritline Athletes

Welcome to the Wolfpack!

Post Tryout Meeting 1: May 12th @ 5pm

Location: Recital Hall at the CCA 

CHS Spiritline will go over expectations and guidelines, as well as financials

Post Tryout Meeting 2: August TBA

Location: TBA

New athletes will pay fees, turn in paperwork, parent survey due, go over sizes, turn in tax credit, etc.

Parent Responsibilities Form

Due by May 17


  • Sports Tape

  • Band Aids

  • Tax Credit Donations to Team

  • Balance Board

  • Pens

  • Tape

  • Markers

  • Crayons

  • Tape

Tax Credit



Due by May 17

Parents: Get Involved

Join Booster Club


Be a Team Parent

Fill out interest on volunteer form

Get a Sponsor

Give info to sponsor from packet

Tax Credit Donations for CHS Spiritline


Volunteer Form

Due by May 17

  • You are important to the team

  • Actively participate

    • Fundraisers​

    • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Model professionalism

  • Punctuality and timeliness

  • Accountability

  • Responsibility

  • Communication

Easiest way to fundraise for our program!

You can use for your own child. Once their account is completed, please donate to CHS Spiritline! 
Need information? Want to do it online?
1. Go to Parent Information on the top
2. Click on tax credit/donations


Due by July 21

Gear/Sizing Form

Due by August TBA


Due by May 17


  • Nuerocognitive test that measures verbal memory, visual memory, and reaction time.

  • If not completed by this date, athlete will be unable to participate until it is turned in.

Due by May 17

Transportation Waiver

Due by May 17

Club Waiver

Due by May 17

COVID Waiver

Due by May 17


  • ​Date and Time TBA

  • Waivers are required

  • Payment must be given on the date provided or cannot attend

Injury Prevention

  • Athletes and parents are responsible to take preventative measures for injuries.

  • They must get doctor's, dentist's, etc notes to excuse and provide information about injuries.

  • Athletes must be in communication with trainer about injuries

  • Athletic trainer is located in Wolf Den after school.

Due by May 17

Competition Team

Due by May 17

Captain Application

Due by TBA

Summer Waiver

Due by May 17