Steps to take with injuries or serious illnesses

If a student is injured or has a serious illness, these steps need to be taken:

  • Go to the doctor to get their opinion. They will asses the situation.

  • Doctor's note is needed to be given to the athlete's coach

    • Helpful information: SPECIFIC restrictions​

      • Example: Athlete cannot perform stunts because they will be at risk of injury if having a harsh landing on their ankle. The ankle cannot handle landings that involve extreme pressure. ​

  • Prevention needs to be done (physical therapy on own or with school trainer).

  • Prevention Treatment Agreement signed and returned

  • Need to provide weekly proof of prevention treatment to coach

  • Once cleared, coach needs to be given a doctor's note of clearance

Our concern is over the safety of your athlete

Prevention Treatment

Athlete's Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the athlete to take accountability for their injury. 

It is crucial that they understand their injury and the steps they need to do in order to get better. 

We encourage and empower our athletes to take charge of their healing process by working with their doctor, their trainer (school or personal), and their coaches. 

We need to see progression and the willingness to work in healing and strengthening their injury.

Chandler High School's Athletic Trainer

Justin Deer


Availability: After school

Location: Wolf Den

Having an ailment, but not necessarily a serious injury, is often a frustration in an athlete’s experience. Sitting out of a practice or multiple practices is simply a bandaid for the problem, not the solution. In order for our athletes to understand the importance of prevention and show a coach’s understanding that ailments are part of the sport, we are encouraging our athletes to start prevention care. This will help strengthen the athlete to better support the ailment. Once the area surrounding the ailment is stronger, the athlete will have a higher success rate in their sport in completing conditioning, assignments, and performances.